Let Michigan Voters Decide

Hunting and trapping lobby groups and their allies in the legislature have cooked up yet another plan to remove voters' power to ever have a say on opening new hunting and trapping seasons on protected species in Michigan, including wolves.

They've submitted a petition misleadingly called the "Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act," and hope to have it rubber-stamped by the legislature. This dangerous bill includes the same recycled language politicians used to end-run the voters and get their way on a new wolf hunting season. If passed by the legislature, the act would do nothing but circumvent voters and nullify the two voter referendums already on the ballot to protect wolves and Michigan voters' right to have a say on important wildlife issues.

We are determined not to let politicians and trophy hunters stop us from protecting our fragile wolf population, and we need your help.

Please make a brief, polite phone call to your state representative today and urge opposition to this dangerous initiative.
You can say: "I'm a constituent, and I would like you to please vote against the "Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act" and let the voters decide the issue at the ballot box in November.

After making your phone call (please do not skip that crucial step!), personalize and submit the letter in the form below to automatically send a follow-up message.

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